[1h 34m]

My rating: 7/10

Astropia (or Astrópía in Icelandic, I suppose), is a feel-good low-key semi-romantic comedy with a fantasy role playing theme, made in Iceland – so it has English subtitles, but don’t let that put you off: you get used to them after a few minutes and it is well worth the effort. Hildur (Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir) is a well-known glamour-girl and girlfriend of an up-and-coming car dealer and leads a glamorously idle life of shopping and chatting with friends. However it all goes wrong when her boyfriend is unexpectedly arrested and imprisoned and she has to find a job to make ends meet. She ends up working in a games shop, surrounded by nerds talking hit points and spells and Star Trek and other things she has no idea about. Eventually she settles in to the job and makes some new friends in the fantasy role-playing set. But then a crisis strikes when the boyfriend escapes from jail and the role-players have to fight for Hildur in real life…

The movie was clearly made on a low budget, but stands up well nevertheless. The acting of the various criminals is a little wooden in parts, although this could be some lame attempt at humour, I suppose. Anyway, the nerds themeselves are very well acted and are quite believable, as is the star herself and many of the other characters. The story is straightforward, something along the lines of a romantic comedy with a fantasy twist.

I can’t embed this film, but you can watch it in certain English-speaking countries by clicking the link below


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