If you’re looking to download ebooks, especially free e-books, then it seems the time is now. You can get my free e-book, about debt management, from here: Free EBook – How to Eliminate Massive Debts with Tiny Payments (of course, a donation would be handy…), and there are many more available online.

The whole publishing industry is being revolutionised, or some might say, destroyed, by the new technology. Companies like Bookboon.com are springing up, offering free ebooks to download without even the need to register or log in – you just have to sign up for their newsletter. At present they seem to have mainly textbooks, but that is OK: there is a big need for solid knowledge and cheap study info.

Books - Will Electronic Books Finish Them Off?

Books - Will Electronic Books Finish Them Off?

Meanwhile – high street bookshops are crashing and burning. In my local area, Books Etc and Borders have both disappeared. WH Smith has shrunk… only Waterstone’s seems to be surviving, somehow (perhaps thanks to their preference for quality titles). Even a number of second-hand and specialist dealers on Charing Cross Road in London’s West End seem to have shut up shop.

As someone with lots of bookshelves stuffed with physical books, I find it sad that these shops are disappearing. I used to enjoy browsing my favourite sections. A Kindle sitting on a shelf doesn’t look quite as impressive as 1,000 books, and it is not so easy to browse, or be reminded of what titles you have, either. And it lacks atmosphere: a library consisting of nothing but a screen is intrinsically empty, somehow.

Meanwhile, Apple and various publishers are being sued by the US Department of Justice for allegedly conspiring to fix prices of e-books artificially high: dinosaurs trying to hold back a comet.

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