Well, I wrote another 1% of the book today… things are moving on quite rapidly really, on those days when I get some writing done! I still rather feel, though, that things are moving rather more rapidly than I thought originally and I may well be finished a long way before the 60,000 word estimate I started with. Well, we will see.

I have of course been surfing the good old Internet the rest of the time. I was very interested in The Case Against Homework: How Homework Is Hurting Our Children and What We Can Do about It, which says what I have thought for many years (since my school days, indeed): homework is of little benefit, and of much harm to people’s social lives. OK, yes, that is a link to Amazon, but I thought I’d try once again – we’ll see how long it is before Amazon break the link like they usually do. Anyway, I haven’t read that book, but it looks like a good idea to me. I see that there are others making the same point too. Meanwhile, have you wondered what those brighter than normal stars are in the sky? Well, at the moment, it could be the planets Mercury, Venus or Saturn, for example. See which one you’re seeing at Planetfinder [Update – it’s a bit old so you may get Java security warnings, but it used to work harmlessly for me]. For a bit of fun, here’s how to deal with unwanted telesales calls… (video). Alternatively, see if you can spot the difference between a computer geek and a serial killer. I got 8/10. Ain’t no-one going to serialize me! 😉

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