So, how’s the old sci-fi novel coming along Martin? Well, not bad. I’ve just finished chapter 10 (first draft). I guess I’m averaging about a chapter a year so far 🙂 but I’m writing much more lately since I’m off work at the moment.

Actually, I’m trying to retire from regular JOB (Just Over Broke) type work and am hoping to become a property tycoon instead. Anybody want to buy a nice 4-bed 2/3 reception 2 bathroom end-terrace Victorian house suitable for letting or conversion in Leyton E10? £250k to you (offers considered). You can check out the spec on

I’m also considering taking up the old painting again, this time to supplement my living and not just for the archives. I just balk at the expense of buying all that paint and stuff… It could set me back several quid!

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