Hmm… getting plenty of writing done. Good! More than 1% of my total done today, anyway – can’t be bad!

I had kind of hoped to do more, but I got tired – in fact I got downright sleepy, and a “few minutes” of rest turned into a few hours. Ho hum. Still, if I need the rest, then it is best that I take it.

Later on I did a bit of web surfing. I’ve not been exercising enough lately – it has been slipping gradually for a long time, so I’m back to working on my motivation and thinking, and this time, ways of integrating the exercise into my normal daily routine: I think a “workout” is just rather dull, basically. I have tried a bit of self-hypnosis for it as well, with a free session from, – Find Your Inner Athlete [Update: well it used to be there, anyway – the whole site seems to have gone now]. There are also free sessions from the author of that session at [Update: domain seems to be parked. Sigh.] Hypnosis? Yes, and I know people have this impression that it is something weird and dangerous, but, basically, it isn’t. It is simply a way of learning something more quickly than you might otherwise. Think of it as the same sort of thing as a guided visualization: it is not much different from using your imagination, basically, while your verbal mind is resting (ideally). Anyway, since trying the session a couple of weeks ago, I have indeed been doing a little more exercise – not full-on major sessions, but nevertheless, there has been some improvement.

I have also looked at a couple of web sites that talk about the thinking you need to get in place – similar to my own diet and exercise page actually! But it is good to see other people’s way of putting it too – and I obviously need a bit of extra input from somewhere. The Hussman Fitness site was very interesting and talks about the mindset, and has a good section on what a fitness/weight-loss programme needs to involve (rather a lot of exercise – Hmm…).

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