What I half-said in the previous post (the one about Reverend Billy), about how I think many shopaholics could be lacking in self-esteem, applies in other areas too. Take for example, this blog post about how a homeless former drug addict is healing himself through running. In truth, I think we as a society greatly underestimate the importance of self-esteem, or its lack. Frankly, I think a very sizeable portion of the population could do with more… it’s one of those 80-20 things, I think. Defensive ego? Lack of self-esteem.

These cartoons can help put this self-esteem thing into perspective. The other cartoons on that site are good too.

And… if you’re concerned about those new airport scanners letting staff ogle your privates, perhaps you need these special hand-clasp radiation-resistant panties to protect your privacy.

Finally, here is what to believe.

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