I didn’t get to do any writing yesterday as I was busy, out and about and all that. So, I did some today instead even though it is the weekend and even though I didn’t feel like it. However, ‘feeling like it’ isn’t what writing, or most any other task, is about. It is no use waiting until I am in some sort of ‘writing frame of mind’ to begin. Writing gets done by my sitting down at the keyboard and writing. The frame of mind is engendered by the habit of writing: it comes second, in other words. Begin, and the frame of mind will follow.

And indeed it did. Enough for me to manage about half a page today, anyway, which is quite good, in my opinion.

It is possible I can extend this ‘just do it’ kind of habit to other things too. Good habits are useful and worth cultivating as they make it easier to do what you want to do. Bad habits, such as procrastination, prevent you doing what you want to do. Don’t think about it. Begin it. Do it.

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