Some Home-Made Maps for Civ 2

Above are links to my other games pages. This page is primarily about Sid Meier’s Civilization II.

I find that the maps made by the auto-map generator of Civilization II, while playable, tend to fall down in a couple of respects. Firstly, many complain that they are unrealistic in that various terrain types can be next to each other when they shouldn’t be, or tend to be scattered all over the place more or less at random: I don’t particularly aim to address that problem with these maps! On the other hand, I have attempted to make them roughly realistic, with mountain ranges indicating continental drift, climate zones, and so on.

My problem with Civ2’s maps is that I don’t like vast, planet- encircling, sprawling continents. I prefer planets where it is worth having a navy – mainly because I can’t use boats and like a challenge! I also like to provide the civ settlers with some real development work to do: why should the planet be benign? Who says it was designed for them? So, the landscapes can be a bit more challenging than is typical of an autogenerated map, and some civs start in very difficult locations.

Incidentally, if you haven’t downloaded the version of Civ2 that allows you to operate your settlers on automatic (press ‘K’ when playing), then I recommend it. It saves a lot of pointless effort and tactical management in what after all is supposed to be a strategic game. They are not as efficient as human-controlled settlers, but in my view they are good enough, most of the time. You can take control of any one by clicking on it anyway, should you need to. It is available from Microprose.

These maps are zipped up with WinZip, so you will need to unzip them after you have downloaded them. They are about 3kb in size so should download in a couple of seconds.

Crumhorn (Medium Map)

Half a dozen modestly sized continents, including a nice mountainous peninsula and ‘swampland’. Lots of little islands for your boats to explore. Enough room for some civs to develop quite rapidly if they are in a good location.

Riverworld (Large Map)

Based on Phillip José Farmer’s Riverworld books. You die. The good news is, you ain’t dead! Instead, you wake up on a new world. An obviously artificial one. A quite peculiar one. You know what’s most peculiar about it? It has no rivers – except one huge one (actually ocean) running along between every piece of land there is. Can you conquer the whole world?

Novatera (Medium Map)

A pleasant world, with one large continent in the process of splitting under the effects of continental drift, with a rift valley and quite a lot of inland waterways. Novatera also has a number of modest island continents. If your civ starts on the islands, you could have a tough time competing with a successful continental civ unless you use your navy. On the other hand, continental civs will squabble with each other, slowing down their growth…

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