Well, what about the other side of the 9/11 conspiracy theories? What about the evidence that it was indeed just a bunch of “terrorists” and not a government-sponsored atrocity?

In this video Andrew Maxwell, a comedian, who believes in the findings of the official investigation, which claims the responsibility for the attack lies with Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, takes five young Brits, who believe some of these conspiracy theories, on a road-trip from New York to Washington.

They visit Ground Zero where two planes hit the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, home of vast American defence HQ and Shanksville in Pennsylvania where United 93 crashed.

Conspiracy or not? What do you think?

9/11 Conspiracy Road Trip [57m]

Some questions weren’t answered by this video, I have to say. If nano-thermite was not responsible for the collapse of the twin towers, why was it found in the debris? Surely, it shouldn’t have been there at all? What were the explosions in the basement of the buildings apparently reported initially?

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