In the video below, Glen Beck talks about how the US Federal Reserve is ‘monetizing the debt’ – that is, trying to get the USA out of financial trouble by “quantitative easing,” or in old language, printing money. What’s wrong with this? If it goes wrong, it either doesn’t work much, or inflation goes out of control. The problem with inflation is that, while on the one hand it allows debts to be paid off, on the other, it destroys your savings and even wages, over time. And not much time, if the inflation rate is high enough. And it can get very high. In the video he mentions the Weimar Republic (democratic Germany between the wars), and fascist Argentina in the 1980’s. They printed money and the result was utter meltdown of their economies due to hyperinflation – the most destructive form of inflation, where prices rise at stupendous rates. Many countries have destroyed themselves with this method. Zimbabwe has done it recently under its (communist) dictator Robert Mugabe. There, the annual rate of inflation by December 2008 was estimated at 6.5 quindecillion novemdecillion percent (6.5 x 10108%, the equivalent of 6 quinquatrigintillion 500 quattuortrigintillion percent, or 65 followed by 107 zeros – one googol 65 million percent). Not surprisingly, unemployment in Zimbabwe is currently running at around 95%. That is, for every person with a job, another 19 are out of work. How do they survive with no welfare state? Those with work where they can earn foreign currency (dollars and the South African rand) have to support them. It’s the only way.

Anyway, my point? The US Federal Reserve is taking a big risk. Any type of government can make this mistake. Glen thinks the US is being brought down deliberately.

In the video below, he reveals who he believes to be behind the conspiracy: George Soros. Is he right? Decide for yourself. I’ve read one of George Soros’ books, and he sounded like a reasonable guy to me… but…

Glen Beck Introduces the Puppet Master [2h 3m playlist]

So there you have it. The (or one) conspiracy revealed. Perhaps. Even if Glen Beck is right and George Soros is conspiring to bring down the USA, one then has to decide whether that’s a good thing or not, of course. It doesn’t look so good to me to be going against the democratic wishes of the US people, such as they are, and replacing them with, frankly, a global, undemocratic, corporate state, which is probably what would happen (given that George Soros is a) very rich and b) alleged to be a fan of Edward Bernays). In a previous post I have linked to the astounding videos of “The Century of the Self” which are all about how Edward Bernays’ legacy has changed society into an advertising-driven amoral sheepopolis.

Even if that doesn’t happen, and even if George Soros’s intentions are good (hypothetically assuming Glen Beck is right), it still doesn’t mean it is a good thing. Why? Because many human beings are psychopaths and see the rest of humanity as cattle to be used or abused for their own purposes. Any monolithic power structure, especially an undemocratic one, will sooner or later be taken over by such people as we do not yet have the technology or social barriers to stop them from doing so. A one-world government, until such time as we do, will be a disaster for humanity.

Furthermore, even without the psychopaths, humans are bad at government. While many governments are truly terrible, even the good ones are wasteful and incompetent much of the time – but at least we can to some extent vote with our feet and leave the bad ones behind by emigrating to what we hope may be a better-run country. But what do we do if they’re all more-or-less the same? How likely is a global revolt? Even in small, very badly run countries, revolts are rare events.

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