If it sometimes seems to you that the whole world is conspiring to keep you poor, this video might help to explain it. It shows, using interviews with top fund managers and similar types, how the wealthy elite are exploiting the financial system to impoverish entire nations, just so they can make more and more money themselves in the short term. It shows how they are, effectively, destroying the world and warns it could end in world war once again.

It talks about globalisation, which of course from a capitalist point of view maximises efficiency since it keeps unnecessary costs low: resources are obtained where they are cheapest and goods are produced where they are cheapest. In purely financial terms, this is of course sensible. But it also impoverishes most people, over time.

One interviewee also comments that the Credit Crunch was the inevitable result of deregulation that the wealthy promoted in the 1980’s (the ‘Big Bang’ in London), which was introduced in Britain because of the industrial crisis here. That in turn (he doesn’t say) was probably caused by decades of over-taxation and bureauracracy… first things swing one way, then the other, and there’s no escape for anybody, it seems, while political decisions are being made by dummies (as another interviewee commented).

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The video Let’s Make Money! [1h 47m] is currently viewable
here as well.

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