The federal government in Washington has been abusing its powers for some time, and I think most people who follow these things will be aware of it. The question is, how to fix it? But wait a minute… I’m a Brit, so what do I care about the US constitution? Well, the fact is, the US has been the cornerstone of liberty throughout the world for the last couple of centuries, and if it disappears there, it won’t be popping up anywhere else in a hurry. The centre of world power appears to be shifing to the East: China – little hope there. India – well, maybe. But it would be best if the country with the best constitution kept going.

So, how to save it? This video, about what is becoming something of a popular uprising among the US citizenry, discusses peaceful methods of drawing a line in the sand for the US government: by using the powers of the individual states, and the powers of the individual citizens. For once, this is a video that isn’t just doom-mongering. It has constructive ideas. As a movie, it could do with some more editing, but in terms of its ideas, it seems very interesting: I’m even tempted to move out there some time to help!

Don’t Tread on Me: Rise of the Republic [1h 35m]

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