John Pilger’s new film, ‘The War You Don’t See’ is out in cinemas in the UK from 12th December 2010, and will be on ITV at 10.35pm on the 14th. It is about how the mainstream media distort our view of what is going on in the world by wilfully misreporting events, especially major events like the Iraq war and the Afghanistan war (the “War in Afghanistan” as it is known for some reason).

Perhaps you can see some of it yourself, just by watching the news on TV with a skeptical eye for a while. Take for example, the BBC news.  Almost the entire output yesterday, all day, consisted of two items. A bit of snow in Britain (“Frozen Britain”) and the FIFA football fiasco. Is that really all that was going on in the world? What’s happening about the gun battles in Rio between the army and the drug dealers? Had you even heard about it? It was reported indeed, after a few days of fighting. But who cares about a few foreigners? Not the BBC, apparently. How many “terrorist” attacks has Pakistan suffered so far this year? Do you know? Has it been reported on the news? What is happening about the US’s Reliable Replacement Weapons programme to replace perfectly reliable nuclear weapons with new, more flexible ones (that perhaps can be used in situations where they might just get away with it…)? Obama’s department of energy has called for the programme to be stopped… but has it been? Do you know? Well, never mind; snow in Britain and a football game or two are much more important. Aren’t they?

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