This video was produced before the Credit Crunch, and was suitably subtitled, “America Before the Bubble Bursts.” It spoke of sub-prime lending before the general public knew it was a problem. The video is basically about debt, especially credit card debt, and the usurious interest rates and tricks the companies use to rope people in, with things like student loans, pay-day loans, interest-free periods, and so on. As a preacher near the beginning of the video says:

“Our society has been set up to keep us struggling and not give us relief. I believe that there’s going to be economic fallout and I’m telling my church to be prepared. What goes up, must come down.”

A housewife says this:

“I just feel like everyone is living above their means, or struggling to get what people could have years ago, like a house and a car.”

They were right; but the economic fallout seems to be to be only just beginning. Nowhere near enough debt has been liquidated to put the Western economies back on a sound footing yet.

Here is the video [1h 29m]

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