Short answer: the alternative is to be a kind of financial slave, basically. Why? Because you won’t know how you are being ripped off. The method is on the one hand very subtle, and on the other absolutely outrageous.

The problem with the financial system, if these two short videos are correct, and I rather think they are, is that it depends on perpetual economic growth to work. Unfortunately, we live in a world of finite resources. OK, we might sneak off into space, and get more from there having destroyed our homeworld, but it ought to be possible for us to run our finances without such destruction too.

The problem is that most of the world’s money is not really ‘money’ at all, but debt. The system by which it is created is through people and businesses taking out loans. So it all has to be paid back, with interest… and the interest hasn’t been created! So there is a constant game of catch-up being played, for which a small level of inflation is the continuing visible portion of the price. But it is worse than that. The system is ‘exponential’ in nature: that is, it is constantly accelerating. Sooner or later, it always must crash disastrously.

But don’t take my word for it, or even that of these two videos. Any standard economics text will tell you the same if you look up ‘creation of money’ in it. You can also check the Wikipedia entry, for example. Note though: not all economists actually agree as to how money is actually created! I find it amazing that economists, in effect, don’t actually know something that one would have thought would be really fundamental to economics!

Anyway, these two videos are called ‘Money as Debt.’ The first one introduces the mainstream economists’ theory, and criticises it, and the second one explains some of the history and implications of the system, and makes some suggestions as to what we might do about it. I think we may have to do something about it fairly soon.

Money as Debt I [37m]

Money as Debt II {77m]

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