It seems Spring is making a proper appearance at last, albeit only for a few days perhaps. Anyway, I went out and took some photos in a nearby bluebell woods – you can see the pics via my Image London blog.

If you like animals, you might enjoy The Daily Coyote blog, by a woman who adopted an orphaned coyote. She takes great photos too.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from depression, you might like to try the BROH trick (which used to be at it stands for Brain Running Old Habits – the article explained it properly, but basically it is about remembering that you and your habits of thought are two separate entities. Learn to identify but don’t identify with those depressing thoughts: don’t believe them. They are just a habit. Since the original site is gone, you might check my Enlightenment page, which teaches the same idea from a slightly different perspective – that so-called spiritual enlightenment is basically just the same as gaining control over your own mind (the page explains how to do it too).

If you are thinking of getting married… and your maths is up to it, why not try working out what your odds are? Geek Logic might do the trick. According to that I should get married but should only have three quarters of a kid…

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