The Philosophy of Robert Anton Wilson

[1h 21m]

My rating: 8/10

Robert Anton Wilson is probably one of the most radical thinkers that the West Coast (USA) movements of the ’60s threw up. Libertarian, logical, and maybe a bit difficult too. The key to his thinking is radical scepticism, I suppose: all people see only a subset of reality. All viewpoints are therefore partial, and dogmatism is necessarily wrong. Most people don’t realise just how small a portion of reality they actually understand, and Robert Anton Wilson spends a lot of time trying to make that clear. As he says, it surprises him how often he himself forgets it, every day. The video is a bit slow to get started, and some points only become clear after you have watched quite a lot of it – but it really is well worth it. Rating: 8/10 – I would rate it higher, but the video quality is pretty poor, mostly because it is compiled from very old, very low quality originals. Not much that can be done about that, really, but the content is very good. Probably everyone should watch this video – and read his books.

I have read many of Robert Anton Wilson’s books, and can highly recommend them if you don’t mind your mind being messed with and stretched ridiculously. If you want to see the world in a new light, read! His books are very under-rated by the mainstream, but probably represent some of the highlights of 20th Century thinking. And they’re fun to read, too. I can particularly recommend Prometheus Rising and Cosmic Trigger if you want philosophy in (fun) documentary style, or the Illuminatus and Schrodinger’s Cat trilogies if you prefer your brain to be bent philosophically via the sci-fi novel format… Here is a link to what’s available of his work on Amazon.

Robert Anton Wilson – Complete Works

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