Most of this is midi music, that is files in the midi format, although there are one or two music mp3 files here too. Basically this page contains links to a tiny number of the tunes or music that I have liked over the years. No doubt it is all copyright of its respective owners.

Music From My Old Website

So what? Nothing, really. I used to have a tune play whenever a page loaded. Obviously, people don’t really like that (often) and anyway they need the relevant plugin and so on, so it is kind of obsolete now. The tunes, however, live on, in their ancient, quirky, midi way.

I Will Survive – the Gloria Gaynor classic and karaoke favourite everywhere, used on my old Money page.

Her -I don’t know who by: upbeat stuff. Cher, maybe? Used on my Women’s Dreams page.

A Groovy Kind of Love – used on my old God page.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – from the movie of the same name; by Ennio Morricone; used on my Games Reviews page.

Desperado – by The Eagles. Don’t know where I used it: probably somewhere.

DanceRaider.asf or DanceRaider.asx or Dance Raider.mp3 by Marcus Trogen 1999 found at Tomb Raider Live! and used on my Games Reviews (Doom Clones) page – music inspired by the Tomb Raider games.

California Dreaming – by the Mamas and the Papas, and others. Used… somewhere.

Bond – from the James Bond movies – probably from the 1970’s ones with Roger Moore. I didn’t use this on the old site.

Blue – Don’t know what it is, but it was used on my Men’s Dreams page.

Birdland – by Weather Report, then The Manhattan Transfer… used once upon a time, somewhere.

Believe – …in life after love… by Cher. Used on the old Intuition page.

Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty – Axelsoft remix – Used on my Sim Games Reviews page.

Age of Aquarius – Used on the Dreams pages.

20th Century Fox Intro – the fanfare used on my old Music page, and at the start of many movies. It’s how you know you’re at the cinema – that and the Pearl & Dean ads.

X-Files (Dance Version) – used in Area 51, my old page about alien life and all that.

We’ve Only Just Begun – by The Carpenters. Used on my Civilization II page.

Wanderin’ – don’t know what it is, but I used on my Dreams of Personal Growth page.

Strong Enough (Cher) – used on my Turn-Based Games Reviews page.

Street Life – by Randy Crawford; used on the  old Links page.

Snowbird by Anne Murray – used on my Synchronicity page (now a subsection of the Intuition article).

Puttin’ on the Ritz – used on the old Great Depressions page about economic doom and gloom.

Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da – by the jolly old Beatles. Used on my Wonderful page.

Mission Impossible – don’t know where this was used; haven’t found it yet!

MacArthur Park (Richard Harris or Donna Summer) – used on My Sci-Fi chapter 1 page for Extra Time.

Losing My Religion by R.E.M. – not sure where this was used.

KOOLTHIN – used on the old home page, with permission from Voyetra Technologies.

Looney Tunes – don’t know where this was used.

It’s Raining Men by The Weathergirls – used on the Real-Time Games Reviews page.

Sailing by Christopher Cross or NSync – last but maybe the best of them all, from my Quotations page.

Other Music

The tunes are in midi format, but perhaps I will add other formats later. In many cases I don’t know who sequenced them or even who they were all performed by in the first place, but where I know, the data is in the filenames.

Now for a bit of Pachelbel’s Canon. The first one is the closest to the original:

Or, some Jean-Michelle Jarre:

Or maybe some Gershwin (George and Ira), starting with five versions of Summertime. Most have been sequenced by Bill Lane (dunno who he is, though).

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