Well, I suppose I just have to say something about the wave of revolutions sweeping the Middle-East and North Africa over the last couple of weeks… and it all started, remember, because one jobsworth bullying bureaucrat confiscated (stole) a market stall-holder’s scales from him. The man had had enough, and set fire to himself… I wonder what that bureaucrat thinks now? And what do all the police and army people who have been killing civilians think of themselves? Are they ashamed? Proud but sad because they lost? It would be interesting to hear.

And of course, I am pleased so see so many psychopaths being booted out of ‘office’ at once. May it happen to many more. Hopefully, the psychopaths who are even now moving in to take advantage of the power vacuums will have to be more democratic with their manipulations.

I suppose some form of what we laughingly call “democracy” will take the place of outright dictatorship in most of these countries, but it is perhaps a time to remember that there is no perfect system. As Winston Churchill once said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” And of course, people are tying democracy in with this elusive word, “freedom”, by which of course they mean, the freedom to exploit the public for the benefit of the giant corporations and the super rich. Still, it is better than the other systems that have been tried. I suppose some rustic Native American style tribal system might actually be better for small groups of humans, if it is not coupled with ignorance and war, but in the modern world it is just impractical. As is even the current system, indeed, with its sucking up of the planet’s dwindling resources irreparably and rapidly.

But what to do? Darned if I know. I have to sell stuff and/or work if I want to eat, just like everybody else (except the super rich who are living off our productivity for free…). I might review Peter Joseph’s latest Zeitgeist: Moving Forward [2h 41m] movie soon, but I’ll say here that I don’t think his essentially technocratic communist state is the answer either.

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