Here is a 15-part breathtakingly fast-paced critique of “Creationist Science”. So many people, especially in the USA but in certain communities here in the UK and elsewhere just have no idea how solid the proof for Darwin’s “theory” of evolution by natural selection actually is. This 150-minute long video spells it out. It goes at a cracking pace, and I found myself stopping it every now and then to check the references given (all those I checked, checked out OK).

The video also shows up some of the wilful liars out there. Even if you believe in God, you may need to ask yourself if God would want you to believe things that are demonstrably false. Is God a God of truth, or of lies? After all, who is it that is known as the Prince of Lies? So… who exactly are you worshipping if you prefer to stick to lies rather than truth? Amazingly many of the people quoted in this video state clearly that they would rather believe known untruths!

I have written more about these questions on my Creationism, Evolution & Morality page.

Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism

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