As I am making YouTube videos every now and then, and as one (at the time of writing) is for how to make your own Windows 7 Theme using your own choice of pictures for the Desktop Wallpapers, I thought I’d better put the one I demonstrated here for you to download! I’ll add others too as and when I make them.

The theme and pictures are copyright but feel free to download them free for personal use. If you wish to resell them or make them available on a commercial basis (for example, selling them, or making them available on a website that generates revenue through advertising), I would like a cut so contact me first!

Windows 7 Wallpapers and Themes

Just download them and double-click the file to set the theme. If your computer doesn’t know what to do with the themepack file, just rename it to .zip and unzip the pictures – either by opening the folder if Windows lets you, or using a program like WinZip or (my preference) 7-Zip. Put the pictures in any folder and you can at least change the desktop background as demonstrated in the video below. The other parts of the theme can then be changed manually (as shown in the video) and you can save your own version.

Click the link below to download the themepack.

And here’s another, from my holiday in Tromso (lots of pictures!).

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