The World’s Hottest Music Videos

There are a lot of sexy music videos about these days, so I thought I would collect a few of the sexiest in one place. Some are pretty blatant, some more subtle, but they all raise important questions about the pornogrification of modern society, I suppose. Anyway, they’re in no particular order.

Call On Me (Eric Prydz)

The one that nearly made Tony Blair fall off his exercise bike. Or rowing machine. Or whatever.

Destination Calabria (Alex Gordino)

You like green? Or short skirts?

Dirrty (Christina Aguilera)

Hate the music, but the video’s Dirrty! Well, bits of it anyway.

Milkshake (Kelis)

Not very subliminal imagery. And why exactly would she have to charge?

Kelis – Milk Shake by cnystem

Outsider (A Perfect Circle)

Not a very good role model. Or models… Anyway, models behaving badly.

Turn Me On (Dirty Old Ann)

The perfect remote control gadget. Almost, anyway.

All The Things She Said (t.A.T.u.)

Naughty enough for you? A Russian music video, for a change.

Easy Love (MSTRKRFT)

Shows the least flesh, but probably the dodgiest of them all. Milkshakes are obviously a popular theme.

MSTRKRFT Easy Love by modularpeople

J’en Ai Marre (Alizee)

A big hit in France, with the famous red fish dance.

Satisfaction (Benny Benassi)

This one doesn’t do subtle.

My Neck, My Back (Clean Car Wash Version)(Khia)

How come so many women wear a bikini to wash a car? The words to the unclean version are pathetically blatant. In this clean version, they are just pathetic. Oh well.

Stacey’s Mom (Fountains of Wayne)

Sometimes older women aren’t so bad… apparently.

Who’s Your Daddy? (Benny Benassi)

It’s that man again… The music’s a bit dull, but the videos rather make up for it.

Pretty Fly For A White Guy (The Offspring)

A funny video with some good bits.

Armia (Armia)

Ukrainians can do it too. With leather, or some other shiny black stuff, plus strategically placed lettering. The lighting makes their eyes look strange too…

Champion (Armia)

Or, you might prefer this one by the same group – in aerobic kit.

Volna (DJ Smash Fast Food)

This seems vaguely inspired by Benny Benassi’s work, but with a Russian slant nevertheless.

I’m In Heaven (Jason Nevin featuring Holly James)

An early example of the girls around the swimming pool video sub-genre.

Chica Bomba (Dan Balan)

Hot, or at least wet, anyway.

…and for completeness, here is a version without the guy 😉

Have you tried Korean pop? Here’s a bit of Kpop.

Sexole is an interesting one…

Well… that’s it for now. Maybe more later.

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  1. anna rose says:

    Hey… I think u can help me, I’ve been looking for a music video (for da song name) in this video there is a guy seeing bikini girls, I think he’s @supermarket or something like that but… when he looks trough his sunglasses all da girls look sexy…
    nice compilation!

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